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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy New Year

Now that Christmas is over it will be time to take down the lights(unless you are like my neighbor who does not take his down till July the 4th.)So I would like to mention a few tips that may be helpful in regards to safety. First off  unplug the lights before removing them you should always use  a gfi plug for your outside power source. The next thing is ladder safety make sure your ladder is on firm ground before getting on it. If your ladder is not level or is not on firm ground get a piece of ply board and place under the feet of the ladder. Always keep both feet on the ladder and do not stand on the last two rungs. It only takes a few minutes to be safe and cost you nothing unlike lost days of work or a hospital visit. Thanks for looking at my blog and check past post for more helpful tips. Have a safe and good new year.

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