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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Today I would like to talk about what is an estimate .An estimate is material plus labor .I would rather give an estimate to the customer than do a job at a cost plus .if I give you a price before and have you to sign you are recognizing that a job will be done and for what cost. There is nothing worse for business than an argument over money at the end of the job .While I try to give the customer a good price that they can be happy with I can not break  down the price to every nut and bolt because it is to time consuming and the price I give is the price I need to  pay labor and materials  .There are not many times when I will lower the price ,so please do not ask .If you have a coupon you can give it at the end of the quote and receive the discount. I will get calls to estimate over the phone and it almost impossible to do this and if I do say a price they will just usually just say ok and hang up so I do not do this either .Thanks for looking at my blog and check the side bar for past post with more helpful electrical tips ,if you have a question about an electrical problem post it and I will try to answer it.
John S.

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