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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

GFI Plugs

We have been getting a little rain lately ,so I want to mention gfi plugs again .If you have lights or plugs that are not working ,go around your house and make sure all of your gfi are set .If the little lite is on (this is on most new gfi's) they are tripped and need to be reset. Not all gfi have a lite so you may need to check it with a plug in tester. These can be purchased at local hardware store. Checking this before calling an electrician can save you about $100.00.Thanks for looking at my blog and check the blog archive for more helpful tips.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Today I would like to talk about what is an estimate .An estimate is material plus labor .I would rather give an estimate to the customer than do a job at a cost plus .if I give you a price before and have you to sign you are recognizing that a job will be done and for what cost. There is nothing worse for business than an argument over money at the end of the job .While I try to give the customer a good price that they can be happy with I can not break  down the price to every nut and bolt because it is to time consuming and the price I give is the price I need to  pay labor and materials  .There are not many times when I will lower the price ,so please do not ask .If you have a coupon you can give it at the end of the quote and receive the discount. I will get calls to estimate over the phone and it almost impossible to do this and if I do say a price they will just usually just say ok and hang up so I do not do this either .Thanks for looking at my blog and check the side bar for past post with more helpful electrical tips ,if you have a question about an electrical problem post it and I will try to answer it.
John S.