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Sunday, May 19, 2013

In this post I would like to tell you about how to replace an old style eight foot ballast with a  new electronic ballast. A new ballast will cost you between 25 to 35 dollars. The  wiring will be different on the new ballast but is easy to rewire .First off turn off the switch or breaker to the light. The power wires coming in will be wired to the socket .Cut all your wires close to your ballast you will be using them with your new ballast. When  you take out your new ballast you will notice that the wiring is different, it will have two blue and one red. The black and white wires need to be hooked up to the black and white on your new ballast. This means the power is going direct to the ballast and not the socket like before. Next the red goes to one side of the sockets and the blues go to each socket on the other side. I hope this helps you out and saves you a little money. If you click on the right of my blog you can check out my past post.
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