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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adding a circuit

Today i would like to explain how to add a circuit in an existing wall.Wether you have brought a circuit in from the panel or have scabbed off an existing circuit.It is best to add your wires down a inside wall so that you can have enough room to drill your hole through the header.You want to drill your hole so that it is between the studs.When you are ready to cut your box in ,hold it a the point where you want it and mark around the box with a pencile .Use your sheetrock knife to cut out your hole.Becareful to not cut out to much you want the boxto fit snugly.If you are using a romex cut in box they will have two wings which hold the box in place against the sheetrock.Before you mount your box drop your wires down from the attic(it is best to have two people for this job).Once you grab your wires through the hole,slide them through your box and mount your box.Tighten your screws so that the box is tight aginst the wall.As always if you have any questions give me call 361 433-6039