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Thursday, February 23, 2012

exhaust fans

Today i want to explain how to install a combination exhaust heat light fan in the restroom.First check the attic to see if you have enough room to install the fan.I try to mount the fan next to stud so that i can screw it to it.Once you have measured and decided where you are going to mount it hold the fan to the ceiling and trace around the fan to mark your hole.Then with a sheetrock knife follow your template as you cut your hole.Once your hole is cut you should be able to grab you wires down from the attic and hook them to your fan.You will have three switchlegs light,heat,fan(if you have not ran your wires dont worry i explain that i my next post).Set your fan to your hole to make sure you do not have to do any more trimming.If it fits ,slide your wires into the opening on the top of the fan.The turn the fan over and hook up your wires then plug them in to the correct outlets.After this is done install the feet that came with the fan then you are ready to position it through the hole.When you have it where you want it zap a couple of screws into the side of it to secure it in place.The last step is going into the attic to zap screw the feet down.I hope this helps you out and as always if you have any questions give me a call 361 433-6039.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today i would like to talk about replacing a breaker.If you do have a bad breaker(one that wont reset or is not getting voltage).First turn off your main breaker .Then turn off the breaker you want to replace.Remove your wire then put pressure on the breker to the off position .If it is in tight you may have to tap the breaker on the hande with a screw driver.Once you have the old breaker out then the new breaker should just push in.


Do not put in a bigger breaker than is aleady there.I hope this helps you out,and as always giveme a call if you have any questions John (361 433-6039)