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Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Store

L have opened a store on the internet where i will be selling fans and lighting .If you buy a fan or light from us we will install it for $75.00 and the next items will be 55.00 there after.I will link it to my web site,but the address is for the electrical tip,every now and againa bulb will break off in the socket.The easiest way to remove it is first turn off the electricity,thene insert pair of needle nose into the socket and hold theme open against the sides.Turn the needlenose pliers while holding the sides of the socket.This usally does the trick.Thank you for looking at my blog and give me call if you hve any questions.361 4336039

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


i hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.We will be closed the friday before christmas and the monday after.Now for the electrical tip ,When hanging a pendent fixture that is one with a chain holding it.The important thing to look for is that when you finish the chain is holding the fixture and not the cord.Here is what i do i first measure the how much chain i will need.I do this by deciding how low i want the fixture to hang from the floor.Measure your chain and your fixture for total.Then cut your chain and your cord.Leve a little extra on your cord.Thene what i do is put eveything together on the ground.My last step is screwing the metal bracket to the box.
I hope this helps you out and as always if you have any questions give me a call at 361 433-6039

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I have recieved a few calls asking what it is we do.So i would like to list a few of the services we provide;electrical trouble shooting,light install,new plugs,electrical services(meter can and panels),220 plugs and ceiling fan install.Now that i got that out of the way here is an electrical tip,if you have a tripped breaker turn the breaker handle all the way off and then click it to the on position.If it is tripping every time and will not reset it needs to be trouble shot by an electrician.Thank you for looking at my blog and give me a call 361 433-6039 if you have any questions.